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Dr. Jeff Lee


Email: jeff.lee@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-8228

Fax: (806) 742-0100

Office: 213 Holden Hall

Address: Department of Geosciences, Mail Stop 1053, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053


Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Jeff Lee


  • B.A., Geography, University of California, Los Angeles, 1979
  • M.A., Geography, University of California, Los Angeles, 1984
  • Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University, 1990


  • Aeolian processes and landforms (sediment transport by wind and dune morphology).

My main research area is aeolian (wind-related) geomorphology. Current research topics include sources and temporal trends of blowing dust in Texas and the American Southwest, and changes in wind patterns over time. I teach an introductory course, Global Environmental Science, every semester and other courses less frequently. 


  • GEOG 1401 – Global Environmental Science
  • GEOG 3335 - Field Seminar in Physical Geography
  • GEOG 4301/5304 - Geomorphology in Environmental Management
  • GEOG 4357/5306 - Geography of Arid Lands

Synergistic Acitivities