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Human Sciences Education and Training - Online Graduate Certificate

Advance Your Career—Study Human-Centric Curriculum and Program Teaching Methods From Texas Tech Experts

The Graduate Certificate Program for Human Sciences Education and Training is designed for current and future graduate students in Family and Consumer Sciences Education, as well as in other Human Sciences programs, who want to enhance their knowledge, skillsets, and employment possibilities by adding expertise in education and training.

This 15-hour Graduate Certificate Program incorporates a comprehensive understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), and a framework that serves as the foundation for the FCS profession and addresses basic human needs, as well as critical perennial/emerging societal issues relevant to the well-being of individuals, families, consumers, and communities.

Students will:

  • Highlight their specialized knowledge– this certificate will help students demonstrate their education skills for immediate application and their commitment to keeping their abilities current.
  • Showcase their core and transferable skills– this certificate will illustrate to hiring recruiters that the student possesses many of the core qualities educational institutions and industries are looking for in prospective employees.
  • Emphasize their current commitment to continuous learning– this certificate demonstrates the student's passion, commitment, and investment in their discipline.
  • Improve their professional network– in pursuing this certificate, the student will gain access to numerous people in education and industry networks related to Human Sciences that can help them develop meaningful and professional relationships.

Human Sciences Education and Training Certificate Details

Required Courses:
FCSE 5302: Curriculum Development in Family and Consumer Sciences                                                                                             Development of family and consumer sciences programs for secondary schools, junior and senior colleges, and extension programs. 
Focus on theories of curriculum and recent trends affecting family and consumer sciences programs.
FCSE 5306: Practical Reasoning in Human Sciences Focuses on the topic of critical science, both as a theoretical framework and as a practical/rational process for addressing significant and complex problems facing families.
FCSE 5342: Contemporary Adult and Continuing Education in Human Sciences  Development and administration of adult and continuing education programs in human sciences. Emphasis on professional development, career redirection, and lifelong learning.
FCSE 6305: Program Evaluation in Human Sciences Procedures for evaluation of programs in Human Sciences. Development of instruments for individual performance, program effectiveness, and data collection. Techniques for interpreting data and evaluations.
FCSE 6343: University Teaching in Human Sciences Synthesis and analysis of innovative educational strategies, humanistic evaluation, and faculty role in program governance.
Alternative Course:(may be substituted for once of the required courses above)     
FCSE 6345: Publishing and Presenting in Human Sciences  Addresses a critical aspect of academia—publishing and presenting your research.

Application Requirements

  • Transcripts for all degrees awarded
  • Professional Curriculum Vita
  • Two letters of recommendation

Semester in which the program can be started

Continuous enrollment, students may begin coursework during any semester


Admission is rolling so there are no deadlines

Tuition & Fees

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