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Child Development Lab

Welcome to the Child Development Lab! We are devoted to the study of cognitive and social development in childhood. Our research emphasis primarily concerns children's memory, being particularly directed toward several controversial issues regarding stress, coping, and autobiographical memory. Projects that are conducted here examine children's eyewitness ability and suggestibility, attachment and memory for distressing experiences, parent-child reminiscing, childhood maltreatment and memory, trauma-related psychopathology, and narrative skill and memory accuracy. We have recently expanded our work to the study of children's visual attention during encoding as a possible mediator of the attachment-memory relation. We have further investigated the effects of different interviewing techniques on low-SES children's eyewitness memory. Findings from our research are profoundly relevant to our understanding of children's abilities as witnesses. If you would like to get in touch with us (either to participate in a study or to work here), please contact Dr. Yoojin Chae at yoojin.chae@ttu.edu.

Areas of Expertise

  • Children's eyewitness abilities and suggestibility
  • Attachment and memory for distressing experiences
  • Child maltreatment and developmental psychopathology
  • Narrative skill and memory accuracy
  • Forensic interview techniques

Child Development Lab