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Gender SEAMS


The Gender, Sexuality, Embodiment, Affect, Movement, and Space research team seeks to critically examine the ways in which bodies and environment are shaped by shared cultural experience. The research team has multiple projects in progress which are woven together by the common thread of examining gender from a critical, intersectional, feminist perspective. Our view of gender is pluralistic, non binary (i.e. multiple femininities, masculinities, and sexualities exist). You can learn more about our many open research and outreach projects by reading below. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our research, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Sharp at elizabeth.sharp@ttu.edu


Director of Gender SEAMS Team

Dr. Elizabeth Sharp



Elizabeth Sharp, Ph.D.

Professor- Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Phone: (806) 834-8652
  • Office: HS 606


Past & Ongoing Research Projects

Foregrounding Emotion and Embodiment in Feminist Data Collection
  • Elizabeth Sharp and Samantha Christopher
Navigating Desire: Romance and Body Image among First Year College Women
  • Samantha Christopher, Kirsten Dalquist, Kelly Chroback, Kimberly Gambell, Cynthia Torres-Sesmas, Davina Nguyen, Katy Sill, Ally Moreno, Benjamin Finlayson, John Purcell, and Elizabeth Sharp
Mapping Sex Trafficking Protocols in Lubbock Hotels
  • Ashton Overbeck, Miriam Lieway, and Elizabeth Sharp
Ordinary Wars
  • Elizabeth Sharp and Genevieve Durham Decesaro
Lights, Camera, Activism: Sexism | Cinema
  • John Purcell, Rebecca Oldham, Dana Weiser, and Elizabeth Sharp
Injecting Feminism into Undergraduate Research: In Defense of Jessica's Valenti's Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Women's Guide to Why Feminism Matters
  • Lauren Kelly, Samantha Christopher, Kirsten Dalquist, Kim Gambrell, and Elizabeth Sharp
Who Killed the Powerpoint Star? Using Student-Created Videos in an Undergraduate Classroom
  • Ben Finlayson, John Purcell, Kim Gambrell, and Elizabeth Sharp
A Critical Examination of Sexual Orientation Measurement in a Nationally Representative Data Set
  • John Purcell, Porter Macey, Sara Smock Jordan, and Kristy Soloski
"I Don't Need Feminism": A Content Analysis of (Dis)Empowerment, Sexualization, and Bodies of Women Who Hate Feminism
  • Samantha Christopher, Benjamin Finlayson, Tori Heebner, Alejandra Moreno, Kirsten Dalquist, John Purcell, Kelly Chroback, and Elizabeth Sharp


Gender SEAMS Team

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GenderSEAMS Presentation Request

The GenderSEAMs team has constructed multiple presentations that can be used as a tool for learning in your classroom or student organizations. Our aim is to spread and intersectional feminist message, while also making our information useful, and accessible. The presentations available encompass the following topics:

  1. Sexual assault on college campuses
  2. Hegemonic masculinity
  3. First Year women on college campuses