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Advanced Entrepreneurship Certificate

Advanced Entrepreneurship CertificateAdvanced Entrepreneurship Certificate

Available Online and In-Person 

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Discover careers in entrepreneurship and expand your knowledge on developing business plans. Earn your online advanced entrepreneurship certificate today from Texas Tech.

The online (or in-person) advanced entrepreneurship certificate at Texas Tech will allow students to study how to develop a business plan and understand the basis for developing a business focused on ethical decisions and developing a culture that supports this core competency. This certificate is available to all Texas Tech students interested in core marketing skills and the basics behind the scene operations of maintaining a business and ensuring the employees are knowledgeable about the business and facility. The courses encompass the universal content needed to form the basis for preparing to open a small entrepreneurial business. In addition, students will learn the basics of developing their own business and skills used in hospitality and retail businesses.

Whether owning a small business, restaurant, boutique or store, a certificate in advanced entrepreneurship certificate can enhance your resume by adding tangible entrepreneurial skills to become more knowledgeable and competitive in the job market.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), the median annual income for self-employed workers was greater than $60,000 in 2016.

Students will take courses in content areas of:

  • The basics of marketing research and operations management in the services industry
  • Understanding ethical decision making
  • How to develop a business plan and start your own business

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