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Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship CertificateUndergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate

Available Online and In-Person 

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Discover careers in entrepreneurship and expand your knowledge on developing business plans. Earn your undergraduate entrepreneurship certificate today from Texas Tech.

The online (or in-person) undergraduate entrepreneurship certificate at Texas Tech will allow students to study how to develop a business plan and understand the basis for developing a business focused on ethical decisions and developing a culture that supports this core competency. This certificate is available to all Texas Tech students interested in core marketing skills and the basics behind the scene operations of maintaining a business and ensuring the employees are knowledgeable about the business and facility. The courses encompass the universal content needed to form the basis for preparing to open a small entrepreneurial business. In addition, students will learn the basics of developing their own business and skills used in hospitality and retail businesses.

Undergraduate students will take four courses: HRM 3385, HRM 4355, HRM 3315, and HRM 4352 to complete this certificate. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), the median annual income for self-employed workers was greater than $60,000 in 2016.

Students will take courses in content areas of:

  • The basics of marketing research and operations management in the services industry
  • Understanding ethical decision making
  • How to develop a business plan and start your own business

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