Texas Tech University

Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Hospitality and Retail Management

Email: julie.chang@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-5521

Office: HS 281BA

Associate Professor- Retail Management

Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Retail Management at Texas Tech. The Fashion & Consumer Lab, led by Dr. Julie Chang, studies the psychology of clothing and fashion consumer behavior. The main goal of Dr. Chang's research is to explore the therapeutic effects of clothing as well as fashion consumer behavior related to self-concept and well-being. Technology and sustainability in fashion are also the important research topics of Dr. Chang under the big umbrella of her expertise.

Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang

Areas of Expertise

  • The Psychology of Clothing
  • Therapeutic Effects of Clothing
  • Fashion Consumer Behavior
  • Technology in Fashion
  • Sustainability in Fashion

Awards and Honors (selected)

Paper of Distinction Award, Culture Track, International Textile and Apparel Association, 2021

Intellect Books Research Award, International Textile and Apparel Association, 2020

Paper of Distinction Award, Sustainability/Social Responsibility Track, International Textile and Apparel Association, 2020

Teaching Academy Member, Texas Tech University, 2019

ITAA Rising Star Award, International Textile and Apparel Association, 2017

Alumni Association New Faculty Award, Texas Tech University, 2017

Publications (selected)

Chang, H., Min, S., Woo, H., & Yurchisin, J. (2021). Mask‐wearing behavior during the COVID‐19 pandemic: A cross‐cultural comparison between the United States and South Korea. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 50(1), 5-26.

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Funded Projects (selected)

$528,851—United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Cultivating Applied Technology Competencies among Undergraduates. Hodges, N., Watchravesringkan, K., Yan, R-N., Geanious, C., Chang, H., & Greenhalgh-Spencer, H. (2020-2023). 

$50,000—National Science Foundation (NSF): The Smartphone-Based Interactive Fit Detection Mirror. Chong, J. & Chang, H. (2020-2021).

$47,598—Cotton Incorporated Grant. Integration of Digital Cotton and Cotton TBL Practices in Fashion Merchandising. Jai, T-M., Chang, H., Fowler, D., Jones, R. (2020).

$5,000 “Come n' Go” Collaboration Seed Grant. Developing a Visual-Spatial Training Program with Patternmaking Technique to Improve Cognitive Functioning for Hispanic Elderly. College of Human Sciences. Texas Tech University Chang, H., & Min, S. (2019-2020).

$12,000—Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute (TTNI). An fMRI Study for the Elderly and Their Caregivers: Understanding the Neurophysiological Effects of Color and Fashion Styling on Perception. Chang, H., & Shin, S-J. (2017).

$12,500—College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University. Adaptive Therapeutic Clothing Development for Individuals with Alzheimer's: Understanding Dressing Behaviors Associated with Alzheimer's Disease. Shin, S-J., & Chang, H. (2017).