Texas Tech University

Hospitality and Retail Management

Masters Committee Selection Form

The Thesis Committee will consist of at least two graduate faculty members from the Hospitality and Retail Management (HRM) Department graduate faculty. The Thesis Chair must be a member of the HRM graduate faculty. As needed/desired, additional committee members may be added from departmental graduate faculty or graduate faculty-at-large. The Graduate Faculty Application Form must be completed and approval granted by the Thesis Chair and Master's Coordinator for anyone serving as an adjunct member of the committee. An Adjunct Member is anyone employed outside the department/area or outside the University. (Check the Graduate School Website).

A number of factors are involved in the match of a Master's student with the faculty member who will chair the Thesis Committee. Among considerations are mutual research interests, time availability for the faculty member to chair additional thesis committees, and grants or other funding available to support the thesis research. It is advisable to select a Thesis Committee Chair by the 2nd semester enrolled in the Master's program.

The HRM Master's student should obtain the agreement of the faculty member who will chair the Thesis Committee and get his/her signature on the form below. Confer with your Thesis Chair regarding selection of committee members. When committee members have been contacted and have agreed to serve, include their names below. Submit the completed form to the Hospitality and Retail Management Master's Advisor.

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