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Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences Provides Resources for Texas Tech Alumni and Greater FCS Community

Ashley Brister

January 26, 2022

Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences Provides Resources for Texas Tech Alumni and Greater FCS Community

Stakeholders recall the impact the center has had on family and consumer sciences classrooms across the nation

The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences (CCFCS) is the only curriculum center in the country that specializes in creating materials for family and consumer sciences (FCS) teachers. As a curriculum center at a tier one research university, the CCFCS is dedicated to broadening its collaboration on material creation and sharing materials with family and consumer sciences educators. 

“As a professional I have enjoyed knowing that I can count on the curriculum from CCFCS when I start teaching a new class or if I need ideas for teaching a unit,” Family and Consumer Sciences Education alumna Katy Baker said. “I also appreciate the fact that the center asks current teachers to help contribute when planning new or updating old curriculum.”

As a family and consumer sciences instructor, Baker recalls having classes in the curriculum center while completing her bachelor's degree at Texas Tech University. 

“Once you get to know those individuals involved in FCS or the CCFCS at Tech you feel like a part of a family,” Baker said. “Everyone is more than willing to help you out. I have enjoyed partnering with them in the past for presentations and reviewing curriculum.”

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program in the College of Human Sciences has a nearly 100% placement rate for students completing a bachelor's degree. The program is known for producing highly qualified family and consumer sciences teachers—many students are recruited for teaching positions before graduation. These alumni can then access the resources provided by CCFCS to teach their courses. 

“As a current educator, the Texas Tech curriculum is the only one I insist on using,” alumna, Kathy Beck Lostroh said. “My schools have offered alternatives, but I prefer the TTU curriculum because it is written by FCS teachers for FCS teachers.”

Lostroh has a special appreciation for the CCFCS curriculum because she used to write some herself. Like Baker, she remembers going to class at the center, completing lesson and unit plans, and using the center resources when she began student teaching. 

“Writing the curriculum was an eye opener for me,” Lostroh said. “It was an interesting process to actually come to the center and sit in the room with resources and other educators and construct the guides from the ground up. I feel FCS teachers have relationships that other educators don't. There are fewer of us, so we often get to know each other, even if we're in different locations.”

The curriculum resources at the center are now available online for purchase. Lostroh appreciates being able to network with those who work in the center and seeing them at conferences. She knows exactly who is on the other end of an email or phone call when she has questions about the CCFCS resources. 

“I don't know that the outside community realizes what a gem they have in the curriculum center, but the FCS community certainly does,” Lostroh said. “I know of countless FCS teachers who are so thankful to have the resources and guidance available to them through the center. I also think the curriculum center is a great draw for the College of Human Sciences as well. They do a great job of representing the college and helping to recruit students for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.”