Texas Tech University

Doctoral Student Receives Award for Exemplary Service and Fidelity to the Public Land Grant Mission

Matilda Beckanovic

November 29, 2022


Family and Consumer Sciences Education doctoral student, Nicole Wanago, was recently awarded for her work to advance the mission of public land grant institution while she completes her Ph.D. from Texas Tech

Nicole Wanago is a Family Consumer Sciences Education (FCSE) Ph.D. student and an instructor at Montana State University. She was recently awarded the Provost's Award for Exemplary Service and Fidelity to the Public Land grant Mission of Montana State University (MSU). This award is designed to recognize a faculty member who advances the mission of the public land grant institution through their visionary and sustained commitment to higher education in Montana. 

“As a family and consumer sciences (FCS) professional, this award is extraordinary as it connects Home Economics as one of the foundational disciplines historically that connected the research and teachings of land grant institutions to their communities and world,” Wanago said.  “I want to know that the work I am doing is grounded in the lived experiences and needs of others while making a long-term impact.”

The Texas Tech University Family and Consumer Sciences Education Ph.D. program has helped develop Wanago's professional identity as a contemporary FCS educator. Wanago had been a part of seeing the transformation of the program and has learned so much over the years. 

 “My mother, grandmother, and aunt are all home economists who embody FCS's rich history and teachings in their homes and careers,” Wango said. “Before I even knew what FCS was, I was learning to build an optimal quality of life by the example set forth by my family and involvement in 4-H. This program has taught me about the historical and philosophical perspectives that have shaped the profession, including the critical science approach. This socialization has helped me develop a strong identity as an FCS professional committed to sustaining and advancing the profession through scholarly and collaborative work.” 

Wango has the opportunity to work with a cohesive and diverse group of graduate students in the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Ph.D. program. She said that the Texas Tech Family Consumer Science Education faculty is a group of passionate committed professionals engaged in service, teaching, and outreach at every level.

“I am grateful to be a part of such a dynamic community and know that even upon earning my Ph.D. I will continue to collaborate with the team,” Wango said.