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Online Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences


Texas Tech University's online Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences is a fully online, 31-hour master's degree. The TTU online master's in nutrition is ideal for students who are looking to apply to post-secondary health profession programs such as medical school, physician assistant programs, physical and occupational therapy school, dental school, and more. Admission to the master's in nutrition does not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Students can choose to specialize in one of three offered concentrations within their degree: Nutrition and Healthy Weight, Nutrition and Sports, or Nutrition in the Lifecycle*. Note: This degree does not prepare you to take the registered dietitian (RD) exam. If you are a registered dietitian, dietetic intern, or have a DPD Verification Statement, please visit our Online M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics page.

*= Special permission from the program director is required for the lifecycle concentration.

This degree is approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). 

How to Apply

The Graduate School online application system is designed to help you easily navigate through the application process and ensure you complete your application in a timely manner. 

ALL documents must be submitted through the online portal.

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  • Fall start: July 15
  • Summer start: April 15
  • Spring start: November 15


  • GRE Scores NOT required for admission
  • Resume/CV
  • Letters of Recommendation (2)

Degree Plans

Concentrations Available

Students can choose to include a concentration in their program with no additional course work. To include a concentration, students will be required to take the same 12 hours of core courses, 9 hours of concentration specific courses, and 12 hours of electives. The courses required for each of the concentrations are pulled from the list of electives on the courses tab.

  • Nutrition and Healthy Weight. The weight management concentration is designed to develop skills and an understanding of the biological, cultural, environmental, psychosocial, physical and economic factors associated with obesity and weight management. This concentration will enhance students' ability to work with individuals to develop successful strategies for weight management.
    Required Courses: NS 5338, NS 5339, NS 6365
  • Nutrition and Sports. The sports nutrition concentration is designed for people who seek to provide sports nutrition information to athletes and physically active individuals. Concepts include designing and implementing nutrition programs, interpreting research in the field of sports nutrition, counseling athletes, evaluating supplements and ergogenic aids, and working with special athlete populations.
    Required Courses: NS 5335, NS 6325, NS 6330
  • Nutrition in the Lifecycle. This concentration is designed to provide a critical examination of behavioral, physiological and public health issues impacting dietary and nutritional factors that support normal growth and development through the lifecycle. Required Courses: NS 5340, NS 5344, NS 6318. (Need approval from program director)

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