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Don't Give Up Your Summer!

Who says taking summer classes means you have to miss out on the summer fun? Or taking that summer job, or having that great experience? Do you want to test out of courses you may not have finished or want to work ahead? Is your school short-staffed for summer school?

TTU K-12 has the solutions you need, fully online. Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. Our program allows students to accomplish their goals at their own pace. We want to support you and your students as you continue to face new challenges throughout this time.

  • We offer more than 150 online courses and CBEs for grades kindergarten through 12.
  • Courses are fully online and meet the appropriate TEKS.
  • Courses and CBEs offer remote, online proctoring.
  • This option reduces staffing concerns, as all courses are taught by Texas-certified teachers.
  • We provide a convenient digital downloadable grade report to the student and the student's home school district, which awards credit to the student.
  • Bulk CBEs are available for schools and are a very cost-effective way to help multiple students. Bulk exams may be ordered by subject, instead of by student.
  • Bulk orders may be placed in advance to prepare for the summer, with six months to complete, leaving ample time for students to study the CBE review sheets available.
We can help you with options for your students today!
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