Texas Tech University

Operations Division COVID Practices

Student Landing Classroom Sites

  • Raider Rooms avaliable for students to land and work between classes.

Outdoor Classroom & Study Area Wireless Access Locations

  • Beginning on September 20th, the outdoor classroom under a tent will again be available for reservation and use.
  • This tent will be located south of Electrical Engineering in the green space.  
  • All outdoor spaces, along with the outdoor classroom can be reserved through Grounds Use.
  • Visit Outdoor Wireless Access Locations for more information.
  • For additional COVID-19 guidance, visit the Texas Tech University COVID-19 website.

Current COVID-19 Protocols for Campus Facilities

  • Custodial Services continues to focus on disinfecting areas and providing electrostatic application of a sanitizer product on a regular schedule or as requested.   
  • Masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are provided at wellness stations located in academic buildings.
  • Disinfecting wipes are provided in classrooms.
  • Free-standing hand sanitizer units are provided around campus.  
  • Paper towels are available in the majority of restrooms with hand dryers.  
  • Three-ply masks are available in the Central Warehouse. Departments or Faculty/Staff may request boxes of masks via the TechBuy punchout.  
  • Plexiglass dividers are available for classrooms to provide a barrier between faculty and the classroom. Departments may request a divider be placed in a classroom by submitting a work order.

Air Quality: 

  • Outside air within campus buildings has been increased to draw in as much fresh air as possible.  
  • Building air handler filters are being changed regularly.  
  • Equipment has been calibrated to achieve optimum air exchanges per hour.
  • The President's Office has purchased, and Operations is installing, ASIET air purifiers in classrooms with 50 students or more. The units may be turned off during class if the noise is distracting. If you turn a unit off during class, please be sure it is turned on when you leave to ensure the room is ready for the next class.  
  • Smaller, more self-contained ASIET air purifier units have also been purchased for face-to-face meetings in offices or suites. These can be checked out for areas that experience higher volumes of traffic throughout the day. Units can be requested by submitting a work order. Please note there are a limited number of these units currently available. We ask that departments provide justification for the request so that we may prioritize the units for higher traffic areas.  


Operations Division