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Texas Tech Procurement Services offers the Procurement Card ("PCard") program, an innovative program that simplifies the way in which you may order and pay for certain types of goods. The purpose of the PCard program is to establish a more efficient method of the delegated purchasing of small dollar, infrequent transactions. Any transaction that is prohibited on the PCard must be processed through the TechBuy system.

The PCard is a MasterCard issued by Citibank either in an individual's or department's name. The Card is to be used by Texas Tech University ("TTU") and TTU System ("System") faculty and staff. The authorized Cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of TTU, thereby allowing tax-exempt use. Transactions are paid directly by the University to the bank. The program does not affect personal credit ratings in any way.

Use of the PCard is governed by the University Operating Policies, including Operating Policy 72.09, Purchase of Goods and Services, and these PCard Program Guidelines. Where PCard use is allowed, the card is encouraged on small, infrequent purchases since it is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way in which to procure goods for the University. It is a particularly useful method of procurement for online ordering

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