Contract Management Handbook

There is no single “right” way to contract. Various types of purchases and contracts may require different practices, processes and strategies for successful implementation. The purpose of the Contract Management Guide (Guide) is to offer state agency contract managers recommendations on improving existing contract management processes and practices.

Pursuant to Texas Education Code § 51.9337(b)(3) and all applicable statutes, this Handbook is intended to serve as a general guideline for the Contract Management process, to establish best practices, and to detail statutory and regulatory requirements. TTUS has intentionally developed this Handbook to detail requirements unique to higher education.

The nature and level of risk associated with each step in the process varies depending on factors including, but not limited to: dollar amount, the type of Goods or Services being requested, the type of Contract, the funding source(s), and the Vendor. The purpose of the Handbook is to outline the requirements of Procurement and Contract compliance. Please note that this Handbook is intended to be used as general guidance; the nature of each Contract or Procurement, including the identity of each Vendor or Contractor, warrants individual review.

This Handbook will assist System and Institutional personnel involved in Contract Management. It is not possible to address all issues that may arise during Contract Management. For complex or unusual Contracts, personnel should seek assistance from the Office of General Counsel and other pertinent Institutional experts depending on the circumstances as early as possible in the Contract Management process.

While this Handbook was developed to establish required Contract practices for the System, each Institution has different operating policies and procedures related to the Institution's specific needs.

Signature Authority

The Contract Management Office Procedures and the accompanying Signature Authority Matrix contain the delegation of authority to approve certain types of contracts as stated in the TTU Operating Policies and Procedures.

Purchasing Accountability and Risk Analysis Procedure

The Purchasing Accountability and Risk Analysis Procedure outlines a procedure to identify contracts that require enhanced contract or performance monitoring. Information on the contract will be submitted to the TTU System Board of Regents (“BOR”).