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Inventions and Intentions: Rediscovering the Unique in the Familiar. SCWCA 2023 Conference March 2-4 Texas Tech University Lubbock Texas

SCWCA Conference Scholarships

The SCWCA Board invites applications for this year's conference scholarships. Applications are due February 3. More information on the SCWCA scholarship policies can be found on the SCWCA website. Scholarship questions should be directed to Frances Crawford at fcrawford@umhb.edu or Anna Sicari at anna.sicari@okstate.edu


Apply here for Conference Scholarships

SCWCA Outstanding Tutor Award Nominations

The Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award is designed to give recognition to tutors who provide extraordinary service to the students, the center, and the campus community. The award is provided to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff whose primary responsibility is to tutor in a writing center. The outstanding tutor award recognizes innovative tutoring techniques, the quality of work with writers, articulation of tutoring philosophy, and contributions to the writing center beyond tutoring. Guidelines for nomination packets can be found on the SCWCA website. Please send nomination packets and/or questions to Carey Clark at cclark@uca.edu.  Nomination deadline is February 17.

Guidelines only - Submit Packet via email to Carey Clark

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