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Evaluation of Voltage Fluctuations Effect on Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems


Distribution system operators seriously restrict bus voltage deviations within a small range from the nominal voltage to ensure security aspects. The distribution network reconfiguration technique is often performed to improve these voltage levels, if not to reduce power losses. However, distribution systems feed various kinds of consumers, and their power demand dependency on bus voltages is different based on their load type. Modifying the network configuration changes the system's nodal voltage levels, and then the load power is also impacted after the reconfiguration. Only a few research works in the field of distribution system reconfiguration have included load power dependency to nodal voltages in their proposed models. However, these studies have not discussed whether adding voltage-depend loads to the reconfiguration problem is beneficial or only increases the computational efforts without substantial gains on the optimal solution. With the intention to fill this gap, this article develops a comprehensive analysis of how the change of load according to the voltage affects reconfiguration solutions. This investigation aims to help distribution system researchers and readers understand this phenomenon and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of taking it into account. Also, a robust reconfiguration model for considering load types and nodal voltage is proposed. The model is validated in different network models and sizes, where the obtained results are compared with other models presented in the literature. The results analysis indicates that voltage fluctuations impact the distribution network configuration through voltage effect on power losses and the system nodal loads. Also, load voltage-dependent models are more flexible than constant demand based-formulations in finding feasible solutions in more restricted voltage tolerances.


Meisam Mahdavi; Konrad Erich Kork Schmitt; Manohar Chamana; Stephen Bayne


Load modeling, Voltage, Mathematical models, Computational modeling, Distribution networks, Analytical models, Voltage control

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Mahdavi, M., Schmitt, K. E. K., Chamana, M., & Bayne, S. (2023). Evaluation of Voltage Fluctuations Effect on Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems. IEEE Systems Journal.

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