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Why Renewable Energy?


The Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy (BSRE) exemplifies a tradition of excellence and dedication in wind research and renewable power innovation.

Why Become A Renewable Raider?

  • Small Class Sizes.  Ever sat in a 400 person lecture? Not in Renewable Energy. 
  • Multidisciplinary Classes. Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Battery Storage, Law, Business, Atmospheric Science, Math. We've got it all to prepare you for the industry.
  • Applied Learning. Take your coursework to the next level with practical industry knowledge.
  • Industry Experience. Every renewable energy student completes the Global Component requirement where students either intern or study abroad to get international industry experience. 
  • Job Security. The renewable energy industry is here to stay. Renewables are one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, employing a diverse workforce to meet the demands of the power sector.
  • Environmental Ethics. Welcome to saving the planet with renewable power. Renewable Raiders are renewable leaders (heroes). 

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Program Overview

The Renewable Energy Minor requires 18 credit hours of undergraduate renewable energy courses, nine of which must be completed at either the Junior or Senior level. All courses must be approved by a TTU Renewable Energy Advisor and completed with a grade of "C" or higher in each course. Renewable energy is a multidisciplinary field and some courses may require a background in calculus and physics.

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Degree Plan

About the Renewable Energy Bachelor's Program

Rapid growth in the renewable energy industry has produced an increase in demand for a well-educated workforce. Texas Tech University, already a pioneer in wind energy education, has developed educational programs to meet these expanding needs and educate future leaders in the renewable energy field. All students on the 2022-23 or later catalog years will be pursuing a B.S. in Renewable Energy. The B.S. in Wind Energy will be phased out August 31, 2023.

The Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy prepares students for a career in multiple segments of the industry by offering an interdisciplinary curriculum, from education on the characteristics of renewable resources to instruction on project development and management. The versatile multidisciplinary nature of the degree plan makes Texas Tech's renewable energy program unique. A 2.25 cumulative Texas Tech GPA is required for entrance into the program.

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Renewable Energy FAQs

Undergraduate Renewable Energy Program: FAQ

Q: How do I apply?

The Renewable Energy Undergraduate program adheres to TTU's basic admission requirements. Apply today!

Q: I am a transfer student OR I have dual credit from high school. How do I know if TTU will accept my credit?

Speak to a transfer advisor or use the transfer equivalency tool. Simply use the drop down menus to choose your state, the name of the institution from which you received credit, and the name of the course(s) you took.

Q: I took AP tests in High School. What do I have to score to get credit at Texas Tech?

We have a list of the AP tests and what you must score to gain credit at TTU on this website.

Q: I want to live on campus. How do I sign up?

You can to go to the TTU Student Housing website to state your dorm preference.

Do You Still Have Questions?

If you have more or different questions about the undergraduate B.S. in Renewable Energy program at TTU, please contact renewableenergy@ttu.edu or (tel) 806-742-6284.

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Renewable Energy