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Why Renewable Energy Programs?

Rapid growth in the renewable energy industry has produced an increase in demand for a well-educated workforce. Texas Tech University, already a pioneer in wind energy education, has developed educational programs to meet these expanding needs and educate future leaders in the renewable energy field.

The Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy, Wind Energy minor, and Renewable Energy certificates offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, prepares students for a career in many segments of the industry by offering courses on multiple aspects of the industry, from education on the characteristics of renewable resources to instruction on project development and management. The versatile multidisciplinary nature of the degree plan makes Texas Tech's renewable energy program unique.

Job growth in renewable energy has been strong, while the renewable energy industry contributes to energy independence, positive environmental impact, and favorable growth to the United States economy. Texas Tech supports undergraduate and graduate coursework in the field of renewable energy.

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Our Vision

Our goal is to inspire everyone to take responsible action to reduce their carbon footprints & and to contribute to our sustainability and energy independence. The Texas Tech Renewable Energy Department is dedicated to conducting important research and offering top-notch instruction to its undergraduate and graduate students. We are conducting research in a number of areas. The Department's faculty, postdocs, and graduate students conduct a variety of ongoing research projects.

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Renewable Energy