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The Renewable Energy industry has exponentially grown in the last decade. This momentous growth will have to be sustained over the course of the next decade to meet net-zero targets set by the world's major economies. To accomplish this goal, a uniquely trained workforce is urgently required. The Renewable Energy program, administered by the Texas Tech University's College of Arts and Sciences, educates the next-generation Renewable Energy professionals through comprehensive, multi-disciplinary coursework and by employing effective experiential learning techniques. Learn more about the Renewable Energy degrees and certificates offered, student activities, and cutting-edge research conducted by our students and faculty.


U.S. Department of Energy Hydropower Collegiate Competition

TTU Renewable Energy is proud to be selected for U.S. Department of Energy Hydropower Collegiate Competition (HCC). "Hydropower already plays an important role in our power system—it provides 37% of total U.S. renewable electricity generation and 93% of grid-scale energy storage—and yet it still has untapped potential and significant opportunity for growth.

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Why Renewable Energy Programs?

The rapid growth in the renewable energy industry has led to an increased demand for a multi-disciplinary workforce skilled in sustainable energy solutions. Texas Tech University, recognized for its pioneering efforts in wind energy education, has developed comprehensive educational programs, offered as in-person and online degrees, that include a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in Renewable Energy (BAAS), Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy (B.S.) and a Wind Energy minor, to meet these expanding needs and educate future leaders in the renewable energy sector.

The Renewable Energy certificates, along with the wind energy minor offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, prepare students for diverse career opportunities in this dynamic industry. Our courses cover a wide spectrum, from the fundamentals of renewable resources to advanced instruction in project development and management in renewable energy. The multidisciplinary nature of Texas Tech's renewable energy degree plans positions our program as a unique and leading choice for those pursuing careers in energy.

With job growth in renewable energy sectors being robust, this field not only contributes to U.S. energy independence and a positive environmental impact but also drives favorable economic growth. At Texas Tech, we support both undergraduate and graduate coursework, emphasizing innovation in renewable energy technologies and sustainable energy education.


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