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Join the Regional KidWind Challenge at Texas Tech University

The Renewable Energy Program at Texas Tech believes in the power of education to shape a sustainable future. We are thrilled to partner with KidWind and invite schools from our region to participate in this exciting opportunity that combines the excitement of competition with the vital mission of renewable energy education.

The Regional KidWind Challenge Experience

The Texas Tech University Regional KidWind Challenge is a day-long event showcasing wind energy competitions tailored for middle and high school student teams. These teams embark on a journey to conceptualize, design, and construct wind turbines, putting their creations to the test in our wind tunnel. Participants will engage in rigorous device testing, present their innovative solutions to a discerning panel of judges, and tackle renewable energy instant challenges head-on. This event serves as a remarkable opportunity for students to collaborate and channel their efforts towards a shared objective. As they actively participate in this competition, students will not only acquire valuable practical STEM insights but also foster problem-solving skills and cultivate teamwork. The top two teams in the Junior High competition and the Highschool Competition will advance to KidWind Worlds and compete in Minneapolis, MN against teams from all over the world in May 2024.

Challenge Timeline

We invite you to join us in this journey of discovery and learning. Together, we can inspire and equip our young minds to be the driving force behind a sustainable future.

Join the Challenge

  1. Form a Team: Assemble a team of 1 to 10 students, with an ideal size of 3 to 5 students per team. Students from 4th to 12th grade are eligible to compete, with two age divisions: 4th–8th grade and 9th–12th grade. Each team needs an adult coach, who can be a teacher or a parent. Coaches facilitate the team's preparation, assist in acquiring materials, and ensure a safe and guided environment for building and testing. You don't need to be a professional wind energy expert to be a good coach.
  2. Register your team! Registration has closed for the 2023-24 year but we hope you will join us next year or join another challenge here: https://www.kidwind.org/challenge
  3. Learn the Rules
  4. Learn about Wind Power: Engage in research to understand the science of wind energy. Be analytical about testing protocols, think creatively to solve problems, and collaborate effectively within your team. Kidwind has free educational materials, and the Renewable Energy Program is here to support you with class visits.
  5. Attend a Workshop
  6. Gear Up: Utilize everyday materials from your home or classroom to construct wind turbines. Seek out specific parts if needed; KidWind can guide you to sources for hard-to-find components.
  7. Build & Test: Dedicate time to refining and testing your wind turbines. Learning often occurs through trial and error, so experimentation is valuable.
  8. Show Up: The TTU Regional Competition will be a day-long competition at the TTU National Wind Institute's Research Building on March 22nd. The top two winning teams advance to the final competition in Minneapolis in May.
  9. Have Fun!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! The competition aligns with STEM education principles. It provides a practical context for students to apply what they learn in the classroom, reinforcing their understanding of science and math concepts. Participants are challenged to address real-world problems related to renewable energy. This encourages critical thinking as students work together to optimize their turbine designs and achieve the best energy output. Register your school for the Regional KidWind Challenge today, and let's empower our students for a brighter tomorrow.

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