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As esteemed graduates of the Renewable Energy Program at Texas Tech University, your journey is an integral part of our legacy. This platform is designed to reconnect you with fellow alumni, share your achievements, and foster continued collaboration within the renewable energy community.

Our program takes immense pride in your accomplishments since leaving the halls of Texas Tech. Whether you're making waves in hydropower, solar technology, wind energy, battery storgage, or any other facet of the renewable energy sector, we are eager to showcase your endeavors and contributions.

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Your journey as a Texas Tech Renewable Energy alumnus is a perpetual source of inspiration. We encourage you to share your milestones, insights, and breakthroughs, as they contribute to our shared mission of advancing sustainable solutions for a brighter future. Together, we drive the transformation of the global energy landscape.

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Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The Outstanding Young Alumni Award honors a BSWE/BSRE graduate who exemplifies the ideals of the Renewable Energy program through their professional accomplishments, civic responsibility, personal integrity, and support of the Renewable Energy program. The recipient will be announced at the Alumni Tailgate.

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