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Wind energy as a source of green hydrogen production in the USA


The study incorporates an overview of the green hydrogen-production potential from wind energy in the USA, its application in power generation and the scope of substituting grey and blue hydrogen for industrial usage. Over 10 million metric tons of grey and blue hydrogen is produced in the USA annually to fulfil the industrial demand, whereas, for 1 million metric tons of hydrogen generated, 13 million metric tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. The research aims to provide a state-of-the-art review of the green hydrogen technology value chain and a case study on the production of green hydrogen from an 8-MW wind turbine installed in the southern plain region of Texas. This research estimates that the wind-farm capacity of 130 gigawatt-hours is required to substitute grey and blue hydrogen for fulfilling the current US annual industrial hydrogen demand of 10 million metric tons. The study investigates hydrogen-storage methods and the scope of green hydrogen-based storage facilities for energy produced from a wind turbine. This research focuses on the USA's potential to meet all its industrial and other hydrogen application requirements through green hydrogen.


Ashish Sedai, Rabin Dhakal, Shishir Gautam, Bijaya Kumar Sedhain, Biraj Singh Thapa, Hanna Moussa, Suhas Pol


green hydrogen, wind energy, electrolysis, greenhouse gases

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Journal Article

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Sedai, A., Dhakal, R., Gautam, S., Kumar Sedhain, B., Singh Thapa, B., Moussa, H., & Pol, S. (2023). Wind energy as a source of green hydrogen production in the USA. Clean Energy, 7(1), 8-22.

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