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Pentalum SpiDAR Deployment at the SWiFT Facility FY19.


The Texas Tech University (TTU) research group is actively studying wind turbine wake development, as part of developing innovative wake control strategies to improve the performance of wind farms. The team has a set of eight ground lidars to perform fiel d measurements at the Sandia National Laboratories SWiFT site. This document describes tests details including configurations, timeframe, hardware, and the required collaboration from the Sandia team. This test plan will facilitate the coordination betw een both TTU and the Sandia team in terms of site accessibility, staff training, and data sharing to meet the specific objectives of the tests. This Page Left Blank


Pol, Suhas; Naughton, Brian Thomas

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Technical Report

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Pol, Suhas, & Naughton, Brian Thomas. Pentalum SpiDAR Deployment at the SWiFT Facility FY19.. United States. https://doi.org/10.2172/1484585

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