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Garage Services


We provide garage services for all Texas Tech University vehicles including inspection stickers, tune-ups, oil changes, brake repair, general repairs, and more.

About Garage Services

Our friendly garage staff will perform most repair requests in our shop, located behind the Physical Plant. Our shop rate is considerably less than what you will find downtown. Even with a simple oil change, our goal is to inspect your vehicle in order to avoid safety or unseen maintenance issues that could result in more expensive repairs or safety issues if left unnoticed. Our focus is on helping you properly and cost-effectively maintain your Texas Tech vehicle, while providing convenient billing and friendly expert advice.

Give us a call when you need general repairs, an oil change, or just a car wash. If your vehicle requires service off-campus, we can arrange the service and make sure the work is done as requested — helping to minimize your cost. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood mechanic — we just happen to have a lot of experience and the right tools to get the job done.

We also provide a local emergency tow service. Many times we can help get your vehicle started at your current location, so we can then take it to our shop and repair the problem.

We use environmentally-friendly recycled motor oils (that meet or exceed all manufacturers' requirements) to help the university's sustainability efforts.

Car Wash Service

Do you need your Tech vehicle washed? Detailed? Believe it or not, we will wash your Tech vehicle at our garage by hand. We rinse using Reverse Osmosis water to make it easy.

A couple of years ago, we teamed up with Texas Tech's Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research and hired a student to help wash university vehicles. The student has since graduated, but chose to stay with us. He washes cars all day Monday, and mornings on Wednesday and Friday.

Please let us know if you need to get your car washed and/or detailed.

Emergency Tow Service

If your Tech vehicle "dies" on you — whether on campus or in town — please give us a call. We have a tow truck that will come get you and can make on-site repairs. If we cannot get your vehicle up and running, we'll tow it back to campus to make the repairs in our garage.

This is part of the service that the TTU Garage provides. Let us know if we can help!


This task must be done every year, and our Fleet Manager will send you a reminder to get your vehicle inspected. We can take care of this service for you without the need for a credit card.

Our mechanics are certified to inspect your vehicle, and they can make any needed repairs. They take pride in checking your vehicle for safety. Many of our vehicles are driven by multiple drivers, and it is good to know that someone is checking the tires, seat belts, fan belts, etc. to make sure the university's vehicles are safe for our students, faculty, and staff to drive.

The charge for a state inspection is the same on-campus and off-campus, we just make it more convenient for you.


Vehicle Maintenance Garage
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Monday - Friday
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