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NOTICE: We have updated our Digital Signage submission guidelines!  

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Free Sponsored Post 

  • This  service will allow campus groups to advertise their events via the @TTUSUB social media pages and therefore help them reach a wider audience.  @TTUSUB has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and Free Sponsored Posts will be posted on all accounts.
  • Free Sponsored Posts will be free for both registered student organizations and campus departments. Off campus entities are not accepted.
  • Requests should be made at least a week before the post is to be sent out.  
  • Limit of one post per event.  A special week (i.e. Service Week) counts as one event.
  • To sign up for a Free Sponsored Post, email sub.media@ttu.edu with the following information:
    • Email your event flyer as a JPG or PNG file format (limit of 1 image)
    • Posting timeframe
    • A short description of your event
    • Your group's social media handle so we can tag you
  • TIP: Your Free Sponsored Post can be the same image as your digital TV ad.

Event Posters

  • You may post an 11x17 or 8.5x11 inch poster on the bulletin board next to the vending machines beside Paciugo Gelato. Prior approval is not needed, but understand that if posters are deemed inappropriate or do not adhere to TTU bylaws, they will be removed. 
  • We will accept two 22x28 inch posters in Student Activities, SUB Suite 020 in West Basement, for our large poster stands.  Posters must promote a registered student organization or campus department event.    
  • You have the option to have us print the posters for you! We will print two (2) 22x28-inch posters per registered student organization or department that we will place in the SUB tall poster stands. 
    • Rates for Poster Service:
      • Registered Student Organizations: Free
      • Campus Departments: $20.00 per poster (limit of two per design/event)
      • Off Campus Entities: Ads are currently not available to off campus entities
    • Ads need to be sized according to the dimensions provided on the Student Union Poster Guidelines. We cannot design or resize the ads for you.
    • E-mail posters to sub.media@ttu.edu to reserve your slot at least three weeks prior to your event. Include the following:
      • Requested Display Dates
      • Organization/Department Name
      • FOAP (if applicable) – a financial manager must sign off by being CC'd on this email or by submitting it themselves
      • Contact name & number
  • Space is limited! There is a limit of two slots per organization or department at a time.  Posters may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Posters must adhere to the Campus Posting Policy and the Student Union Posting Policy (last tab).

Digital Signage

The Student Union offers ad placement on appropriate digital screens throughout the SUB. We have multiple screens on which ads will run. Screens are located throughout the SUB. Between five and ten thousand people walk through our building on a daily basis. Ads will be seen by a wide range of students, staff, faculty, parents and visitors.

Rates for TTU Partners

  • Registered Student Organizations: Free of charge as long as the organization remains in good standing with the university. 1 Ad max per week per student organization to allow for all organizations to be showcased. First come first serve per week.
  • Campus Departments: $50.00 per week per ad.
  • Off Campus Entities: Ads are currently not available to off campus entities.

Anyone wanting to reserve a digital TV ad space inside the Student Union should submit this form. Please review policies below before submitting your ad.

Policies for Digital Ads

  • There are ad spaces available for student organizations and campus departments.
  • All ads will rotate on a repeating slideshow with 30 seconds between slides.
  • New ads will begin on Mondays only.
  • Ads have a two-week maximum run.  You may resubmit after two weeks if you wish, but we will no longer allow ads to run more than two weeks so that slots remain for other groups.
  • Ad space should be reserved at least two weeks in advance.
  • Ads need to be sized according to the dimensions provided on the Student Union Digital Signage Guidelines (image opens in new window). We cannot design or resize the ads for you.
  • Digital ads must adhere to the campus posting policy and the Student Union posting policy (last tab).

We have a new ad submission form for SUB and Hospitality Services!

Submit an Ad Here

Student Union Posting Policy

  • We are unable to post any posters with bank or bookstore sponsor logos other than Prosperity Bank and Texas Tech Campus Store.
  • We will not post any posters or flyers with alcohol or bar sponsor logos.
  • Advertisements must also adhere to the Campus Posting Guidelines & Spaces.

Other Options

Submit your event information to events.ttu.edu (Click on Submit an Event in the lower left corner). This will add your event to select TVs all over campus.

To place an event announcement in the Rawls COBA, email this address.



  • Read Use of University Grounds policy and submit Grounds Use form to the office listed on the form.  Wait for further instructions from a Grounds Use Committee contact.  

  • The SUB can provide a table and chairs for those who have been approved. Check in at Main Information desk.


If you are a member of the Lubbock community and want to learn how to reach Texas Tech students on campus, please refer to the Grounds Use website.

For questions, contact:

SUB Media