Texas Tech University

Student Union & Activities Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Student Union & Activities promotes student success by offering a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities that, when taken together, represent a well-considered plan for the development of community at Texas Tech University.

Vision Statement

The Student Union is the community center of the Texas Tech University campus. It provides an environment for relaxation, social interaction, education and exchange of thoughts. It serves Tech students, staff, faculty, alumni and the greater Lubbock community. Student Activities complements the University's academic programs. It enhances the overall educational experiences of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, traditional, community service, and campus governance programs.

The Student Union & Activities will provide:

  • a state of the art facility for the use of the campus
  • programs and services that meet the daily needs of our constituents
  • educational and entertainment activities to the campus community

Student Union & Activities is committed to the values of

  • Mutual respect
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Community service and leadership
  • Academic and intellectual freedom
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Public accountability
  • Diversity

In addition, we support the value statements outlined by our professional organizations:

Student Union & Activities Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Involvement and Leadership: SUA will promote involvement and leadership opportunities for TTU students within the division by encouraging student participation in departmental programs, facilities, and/ or services, providing leadership opportunities, and utilizing SUA programs, facilities, and/ or services for teaching and training.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: SUA will promote collaboration and partnerships of the TTU student population by providing students with opportunities to interact with SUA staff and student peers with the intention of encouraging students to work collaboratively while developing individual personal strengths.



Strategic Priority: Invest in the People of Texas Tech University

Goal 1: Access and Diversity: Recruit, retain and graduate a larger, more academically prepared, and more diverse student body.

Objective 1.1
Assist the University in the recruitment goal of reaching 40,000 students by 2020

Benchmark: Recruit

  1. Develop and present Red Raider Orientation and Welcome Week programs.
  2. Develop a comprehensive Student Activities program that engages prospective students.
  3. Identify & report department student employment, and volunteer positions.
  4. Provide an exceptional multipurpose facility that engages prospective student and their parents during campus visits.
  5. Collaborate with other Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Departments in recruitment efforts.
  6. Stay current with competitors programs, technology, equipment and facility offerings.


  • Make Student Union & Activities information and recruitment materials available to the nearly 15-20,000 visitors to the Student Union daily.
  • Partner with Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management departments on regional receptions, University Days, Red Raider Orientation and Back to School Fiesta.
  • Design and implement programs to enhance social, cultural, traditional, intellectual, recreational, service, and campus governance involvement.
  • Continually reevaluate the Student Union facility‘s ability to meet the service, spatial, equipment, and technology needs of the University and greater community.
  • Provide for opportunities for graduate student assistants and interns from the Higher Education and other related programs.

Objective 1.2
Assist the University in the retention efforts geared towards of Texas Tech University students.

Benchmark:  Retain

  1. Identify & report student employment and volunteer positions
  2. Track SU&A student leader and student employee retention.
  3. Provide programs and services that engage the current TTU students.
  4. Reevaluate programs and services with input from student leadership and the advisory board.


  • Develop and conduct pre and post employment interviews of student staff.
  • Administer pre and post skill survey for SU&A student leadership.
  • Assess programs and services annually addressing current engagement and effectiveness.

Objectives 1.3
Assist Texas Tech University Students graduate.

Benchmark:  Graduation rates

  1. Provide rooms for study session and finals week.
  2. Student Activities programs enhance and complement the academic environment.
  3. Provide student employment opportunities which provides financial support.
  4. Provide scholarships for students through continued endowments.


  • Monitor academic schedule to ensure that space is available for students during critical study and exam time.
  • Develop partnerships with faculty members for programs.
  • Identify criteria and applicants for scholarship awards.
  • Continue to evaluate departmental needs when creating new student employment opportunities.

Goal 2: Human Resources and Infrastructure: Increase and use resources to recruit and retain quality staff to support an optimal work environment.

Objective 2.1
Ensure staff are annually evaluated and provided with needed resources.

Benchmark: Human Resources & Facility Infrastructure

  1. Complete 100% of performance evaluations for staff annually.
  2. Make Fiscal Year budget available for staff review.
  3. Report facility renovations, maintenance and quality improvements
  4. Develop a furniture and equipment replacement plan and schedule.


  • Maintain all university requirements for staff review and appraisal
  • Each staff member will have an individualized professional development program
  • Student Union & Activities will maintain a Staff Organizational and Work Flow Chart
  • Develop a five to seven year range for furniture and equipment replacement and allocate necessary funds.

Objective 2.2
Ensure Student Union & Activities is financially compliant.

Benchmark: Financial Infrastructure

  1. Review Student Union Fee annually with the assistance of the Fee Advisory Board.
  2. Discuss commonalities and current practices in the Big12 Union Directors Meeting
  3. Self assess critical auditing practices with the Student Union & Activities department.
  4. Annually review and update when appropriate contracts, MOUS, the Retail Space agreements, etc.


  • Integrate and make compliant all Student Union & Activities financial procedures with the University protocols.
  • Implement a comprehensive assessment for administrative and financial management of Student Union & Activities.
  • Manage allocated funds in a manner that reflects the bmission and vision of department.
  • Collaborate with other departments to share costs and expenses on activities/programs that have common objectives.


Goal 3: Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Teaching and Learning: Enhance the undergraduate, graduate and professional student learning experience by implementing recognized standards in all department, facilities, programs and services.


Objective 3.1
Provide Student Learning opportunities that will enhance the academic mission.

Benchmark: Student Employment Opportunities

  1. Identify learning outcomes and objectives within the department
  2. Provide training opportunities
  3. Provide real life work experiences


  • Develop interview process including application, resume, and develop professional guidelines.
  • Develop process for examination and evaluation of learning outcomes and objectives.
  • Recognize and reward student employees at semester/annual events.

Benchmark: Student Leadership Opportunities

  1. Provide 20-25 new student leadership opportunities annually.
  2. Conduct pre/post assessment of student leadership skills.
  3. Conduct comparative analysis of programming board and student leadership opportunities within the Big 12 and NACA Central Region.


  • Provide semester retreats and leadership curriculum for student leaders.
  • Direct students in the planning of at least 50 events per semester.
  • Promote student development through weekly one on one advising using the pre/post assessment tool.
  • Recognize and reward student leaders at semester/annual events.

Benchmark Student Organizations

  1. Maintain or grow student organizations.
  2. Assess needs of student organizations and their leaders through workshops and trainings.
  3. Provide registration meetings in order to educate student organizations about their rights and responsibilities under the Code of Student Conduct.
  4. Recruit and retain quality advisors for student organizations.


  • Provide annual orientation and academy (leadership) conferences.
  • Provide advisor training, risk management, diversity, and on-line community workshops every semester.
  • Recognize and reward student organizations annually.

Goal 4: Engagement: Provide outreach opportunities that contribute to student learning and benefit the local and campus communities.

Objective 4.1
Provide opportunities for student and staff professional development at local, regional and national conferences

Benchmarks Community Engagement

  1. Encourage students and staff to take active roles in local, regional and national organizations.
  2. Identify resources to support involvement.
  3. Present and share Texas Tech successes at these professional development opportunities. 


  • Identify professional organizations and opportunities that are relevant to the Student Union & Activities Department mission.
  • Develop justification to support professional development budget.
  • Set expectation that student leaders and staff present educational sessions and hold leadership positions when available during professional development opportunities

Goal 5: Partnerships: Build strategic partnerships and alliances with the local and campus community including K-12, community colleges, and universities.

Objective 5.1
Increase partnership with local community

Benchmark: Collaborations

  1. Provide meeting room and facility space for local community .
  2. Provide partnership opportunities with local business on Homecoming and Programming Board events.
  3. Partner with Chamber of Commerce and Lubbock Visitors Bureau to promote local community
  4. Partner with community agencies to provide town and gown opportunities.


  • Actively advertise and market the student Union within the community.
  • Seek sponsorships from local businesses and leaders to participate in annual events and programs.
  • Encourage the active involvement of staff in community events and committee work.

Objective 5.2
Increase partnership with campus community

Benchmark: Strategic partnership and alliances

  1. Provide opportunities for co-sponsorships and collaborations with programming board events.
  2. Encourage use of facilities by external departments and organizations.
  3. Provide a Campus Information Center.


  • Seek relevant and intentional partnerships with student organizations and campus departments.
  • Market meeting room, theater and programming space to campus community.
  • Collect and disseminate information about all events taking place on campus.