Construction Engineering & Engineering Technology

About the Department

The Department of Construction Engineering & Engineering Technology provides high quality, applied engineering and technology programs with appeal to a broad range of students including non-traditional students so that educational opportunities in construction engineering and technology are provided to a greater cross-section of the state's population.

Construction Engineers are responsible for the execution of a wide range of duties associated with the design and management of construction processes required to take a project described in written form by a set of plans and specifications and transform it into a finished usable, physical facility or structure.

Engineering Technologists generally work in the applied part of the engineering spectrum, function more effectively in a “hands on” environment, and play an important role in our technological society. Rather than preparing students to go into research, the engineering technology program prepares students for those engineering activities that emphasize applying engineering knowledge to solving practical industrial problems.

The department offers a 12-hour Graduate Certificate in Construction Engineering and Management. The certificate is designed for professionals who have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or business and are seeking a senior management position in the construction industry. It is ideal for students interested in pursuing graduate study without committing to a full master's program.

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