Texas Tech University

Financial & Business Services

Bradley Martin is the Assistant Vice President of Business Services.

Accounting Services


The Offices of Research Accounting and Financial Services have merged into one central accounting office, Accounting Services.

Eric Fisher is the Managing Director of Accounting Services.

Accounting Services supports the teaching, learning, research and public service missions of TTU by providing financial administration, compliance, and other support services for sponsored project funds.

They serve as a resource to Principal Investigators, College,Departmental, Administrators, and Researchers in the following aspects of the post-award financial administration:

  • Account Setup
  • Sponsor Billing
  • Sponsor Financial Reporting
  • External Research-Related Financial Reporting
  • Account Closeout
  • Financial Compliance
  • Service Center Rate Development
  • Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rate Proposal and Negotiation

Accounting Services also includes Financial Services, Property Inventory & Reporting, and Tax Reporting. Accounting Services provides the accounting function for Texas Tech University System and Texas Tech University for State funds, institutional funds, and current restricted/endowment funds. The department is responsible for filing the Annual Financial Report with the State Comptroller's Office along with other required state and federal reports. Property Inventory & Reporting is responsible for tagging all capitalized and controlled assets, tracking annual property inventory certifications conducted by departments, and filing related reports as required by the State. The department is responsible for filing tax returns as required by the State of Texas and Internal Revenue Services, including Mixed Beverage Tax Report, Sales Tax Report, and Unrelated Business Income Tax Return.

Administration & Finance Information Systems Management


Landon Akins is the Managing Director of AFISM.

AFISM strives to provide a current, high-quality, professional, and reliable knowledge base to University employees. Providing: training classes and tutorials, Cognos/Database reporting, website and web application design and development, as well as acting as a central location for most work related technical issues or questions. AFISM's goal is to provide and establish an environment that enables partners to ensure effective technology access, increased productivity, and, ultimately, to further the mission of Texas Tech University.

Budget and Resource Planning and Management


Crista McCune is the Managing Director of Budget and Resource Planning and Management.

The Budget Office is responsible with forecasting, analyzing and making adjustments to the University's operating budget. Budget provides support to faculty and staff concerning fiscal inquiries related to budget management, personnel funding and budget compliance. Budget is also responsible for various state mandated reports including the Legislative Appropriations Request.

Payroll & Tax Services


Kara Newcomb is the Managing Director of Payroll Services and Tax.

Payroll Services commitment to our customers is to conduct business efficiently in a manner consistent with our institutional core values in the production of timely accurate payrolls to our employees and provide reliable reporting as follows:

  • Set the standard for providing quality human resources services
  • Enable the institution to successfully fulfill human resource responsibilities
  • Be recognized as a partner in advancing the mission and vision of the institution
  • Be recognized as addressing constituent’s needs with respect and empathy in a timely and effective manner

Procurement Services


Jennifer Adling is the Managing Director of Procurement Services.

The Procurement Services department includes purchasing and contracting, payment services, travel, procurement card, vendor services, and property surplus.

Procurement Services' mission is to provide excellent customer service while adhering to the highest ethical values in the purchase, receipt, and payment of goods and services in support of the University's mission and goals; to maintain resourceful practices that follow the laws of State of Texas and to maintain and expand vendor relations that enable competitive and diversified vendor sources that will provide the best value to the University.

View the Texas Tech University Vendor Guide

Student Business Services


Christine Blakney is the Managing Director of Student Business Services

Student Business Services is a student focused department that concentrates on providing accurate and timely billing of tuition and fees for the University including processing of waivers and exemptions. SBS also processes refunds of student aid, provides online payment services and payment plans, manages third party and sponsored student billing, maintains 1098T reporting, manages institutional loan funds and collects on delinquent student accounts.

University Financial Services


Steph Smith is the Managing Director of University Financial Services.

University Financial Services primary functions include:

  • Reconciliation of Texas Tech’s deposit and disbursement bank accounts
  • Track and record incoming wire transfers and ACH transactions
  • Reconciliation of unclaimed property accounts, performing due diligence and escheatment to the state of Texas
  • Reconciliation of University deposit revenue clearing accounts
  • Reconciliation of payments feeding from the student to the finance system
  • Receipt, verification and processing of TTU deposits and maintenance of cash and change funds
  • Facilitates ability for departments to accept credit cards
  • Assists with campus wide PCI DSS compliance standards


Administration & Finance