Raider Research University (RRU)

Raider Research University (RRU) is a comprehensive education program designed to provide department research administrators and other support staff with the knowledge and competencies necessary for the efficient, effective, and compliant administration of sponsored project funding. RRU provides a standard level of expertise among those who support the research endeavor.

RRU provides the latest information, training, and resources to research administrators and support staff involved in pre-award, post-award, and compliance aspects of research administration. All courses are currently instructor-led courses, and there is no cost to participants. For question regarding RRU, please email

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Level I

Level I certification is a 15-hour program for both new and existing employees working in a research administration capacity. The Level I program consists of the following:

  • RRU 01: Introduction to Research Administration (2 hours)
  • RRU 02: Cost Policy 101 (3 Hours)
  • RRU 03: Proposal Development and Acceptance (2 hours)
  • RRU 04: Award Management for the Departmental Administrator (4 hours)
  • RRU 05: Effort 101 (2 hours)
  • RRU 06: Cayuse (2 hours)

Detailed course descriptions for RRU Level I.

Level II

Level II certification designed for the more experienced research administrator. This program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully guide principal investigators and researchers through an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

  • RRU 07: Subaward Monitoring & Review
  • RRU 08: Federal Equipment
  • RRU 09: Service Center Roles and Responsibilities
  • RRU 10: Award Closeout Process, Roles, & Responsibilities
  • RRU 11: Let's Talk Cost Sharing

Detailed course descriptions for RRU Level II.

For questions regarding Raider Research University, please contact or contact Accounting Services or the Office of Research Services.