Texas Tech University

State Accounting

The State team supports the mission of Texas Tech University Administration & Finance by providing exceptional financial and operational support for those we serve.

We support the accounting and business needs of campus units and university administration by processing manual transactions, fund and FOP termination requests, new fund requests, and financial transactions in FiTS and the Budget Revision System. We perform fund analyses and compliance reviews to ensure accounting transactions are made in accordance with all applicable regulations and policies and procedures.  The State group processes the needed transactions and reconciliations between the State of Texas Uniform State Accounting System (USAS) and Banner Finance.

Funds Managed by State Team

  • E&G Appropriations (11)
  • E&G Dedicated Funds (12)
  • HEAF - Higher Education Assistance Funds (13)
  • NRUF - National Research University Funds (14)

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