Property Management

We support the accounting and business needs of the campus units and university administration by processing manual transactions, fund and FOP termination request, new fund requests, and financial transactions in FiTS and the Budget Revision System. We perform fund analyses and compliance reviews to ensure accounting transactions are made in accordance with all applicable state and TTU regulations and policies and procedures. We process the needed transactions and reconciliations for capital and controlled assets in the Banner Fixed Asset System.

Funds Managed by the Plant Team

  • HEAF Unexpended Plant Funds (13B)
  • Designated Unexpended Plant Funds (19B)
  • Unexpended Plant Funds (91)
  • Retirement of Indebtedness (95A)
  • Investment In Plant (97A)
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Accounts Managed/Monitored by the Plant and Property Team

  • Controlled Furnishings/Equipment (7C)
  • Repairs and Maintenance (7F)
  • Capital Outlay (7J)
  • Non-Capital Intangible Assets and Building and Property Improvements (7N0050-7N0063)

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