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India cements rising star status in world cotton production

image imageIndia became the second largest cotton producer in the world two years ago, and annual forecasts by Texas Tech University agricultural economists predict it will remain in that position for years, climbing to 25.3 million acres in the next decade, up from 23.1 million acres now.  more »


Weakening global economy hits textile industry

image image The weakening global economy is taking its toll on the textile industry, and the U.S. will continue losing market share in the global cotton market, said agricultural economists in Texas Tech University’s Cotton Economics Research Institute.  more »


Eco-aid: Cotton could help South Plains farmers go green

With all the attention paid to reducing carbon emissions and cutting back on industrial greenhouse gases, farms may be the last place one would look for pollution. But Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack grabbed producers’ attention in recent weeks with a different approach to dishing out government aid: asking farmers to go green.  more »


Small cotton harvest translates into economic losses

image image A new Texas Tech University Cotton Economics Research Institute study indicates that the economic impact of the cotton crop on the Texas High Plains economy will be sharply down this year.  more »


ACRE farm program may generate fewer payments for cotton

The Cotton Economics Research Institute at Texas Tech University found that Texas’ irrigated cotton growers may see fewer payments under a new program included in the 2008 farm bill.  more »


New industry-supported chair boosts region’s agriculture

Texas Tech University announced Monday (Sept. 22) the establishment of an industry-supported endowed chair to increase the competitiveness of High Plains agriculture in an economy increasingly linked to international markets and guided by conservation-oriented policy.  more »


China’s growing middle class lifts cotton demand

image imageA projected 50-percent increase in global cotton demand during the next 10 years could be good news for South Plains cotton growers. The projection of cotton demand comes from part of the Texas Tech Cotton Economics Research Institute’s recently published annual world cotton outlook and project.  more »