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FBRI researchers honored among Texas Tech’s Top Inventors

image image Texas Tech honored its inventor community at an end-of-semester ceremony Tuesday (May 11) at the International Cultural Center. Included among the honorees were Hamed Sari-Sarraf from electrical engineering, Eric Hequet from the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute and Chris Turner, an electrical engineering doctoral student.

Tech plant and soil science department researchers were recently granted U.S. patents. The event was sponsored by the Abilene Life Sciences Accelerator, Nix Patterson & Roach LLP, Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and Bayer CropScience.

“We’re here to honor these researchers who are finding innovative and practical applications for their research,” said David Miller, Tech’s vice chancellor of technology commercialization and economic development.

FBRI’s longstanding mission includes adding value to natural fibers produced in Texas and being an integral part of a growing collaboration with plant breeders, geneticists and biotechnologists. Knowledge gleaned in the fiber and biopolymer research laboratories is verified and augmented by the yarn spinning and other processing laboratories at the facility.

Separately, inventors of 12 technologies developed by Tech and Tech Health Sciences Center researchers were recognized for the successful licensing of their technologies to industry business partners who will market them commercially .

Three of the technologies have been licensed to West Texas-based start-up companies. Those companies are Reproductive Solutions, Inc. and Dogberry Solutions based in Lubbock and Texas Multicore Technologies located in Abilene.

“As research spending grows at Texas Tech in the years ahead, the opportunities for us to create new companies based on our research will also increase,” Miller said. “These new technologies will become a driver of economic growth for West Texas.”

Written by Norman Martin

Contact: David McClure, vice chancellor of technology commercialization and economic development, Office of Technology Commercialization at (806) 742-5899 or



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