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Undergraduate Advising & Registration


Photo Name Title Advising Group Office Phone Contact
David Ernst David Ernst Associate Professor Undergraduate Advisor for ET majors and for Senior ConE majors CEET 225J 806.834.8657 Email

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Margie Ceja Margie Ceja Staff Advisor Undergraduate Advisor for Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior ConE majors and transfers CEET 225C 806.834.6063 Email

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Tewodros Ghebrab Tewodros Ghebrab, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Advisor for Graduate Certificate Program in Construction Engineering Management CEET 222 806.834.3218 Email

Advising and Registration Policy

Advance registration for upcoming spring semesters occurs in November, while advance registration for the upcoming fall semester, as well as the upcoming summer semesters, occurs in April. All CEET students are required to meet with their assigned advisor before they are permitted to participate in advance registration and before any registration holds are removed from their student Banner account.

Once a student has been advised, any existing registration holds will be removed and permits added as applicable, allowing the student to log onto their eRaider account and begin the registration process.

CEET advisors are located in Mechanical Engineering Building, Room 225. Students should visit ME 225, call, or log onto the indicated web address to schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor.

CEET students should register for classes as indicated on their advisement sheet provided during their advisement period. Students who fail to register for approved courses run the risk of being dropped from non-approved courses, having registration holds placed on their accounts, and having to repeat the advising process. If registration for non-approved courses is not identified in the first few weeks of the semester, the student also runs the risk of delaying their date of graduation should any courses not be on the approved curriculum or proper prerequisite requirements not be met.