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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What courses do I need to take my first semester?
A four-year plan of study is provided in the Texas Tech catalog for each of the degrees offered by the Department of Construction Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET). It identifies what courses should be taken each of the eight long semesters that are required to realistically complete each degree in a four-year period. Each published four-year plan of study takes into consideration, what semester courses are typically offered, what are the pre- and co- requisites need to successfully complete each course, and what is a reasonable balance of hours and academic rigor in the recommended courses. In addition, an advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor is required prior to registration. At that appointment period, the advisor will be available to answer many of your questions and alleviate your concerns.

What is a pre- or co- requisite and why are the enforced so strictly?
A pre-requisite is an identified course that contains specified subject material and/or techniques that need to be mastered by the student prior to taking the second course. The needed course material and/or techniques from the first course are used heavily throughout the second course and understanding or mastery of the second course material is dependent on the student’s understanding of the pre-requisite material. Thus, a grade of “C” or higher is required in the pre-requisite course before the follow-on course can be attempted. A co-requisite is similar except the same or similar material is covered in 2 different courses, which are taken at the same time, and the two courses support each other in the learning process of the common material. Pre- and co-requisites are listed in the course description in the Texas Tech catalog.

Why are advising holds placed on my record at the start of each semester?
Because of the complexity of the degree plans and the significant number of pre- and co-requisites listed for the various degree requirements, the department sees the importance of providing personal one-on-one advising each semester before permitting a student to register for classes. In addition, every course is not offered every semester, and the advisor knows when each course is offered. The advisor, being knowledgeable about all of these issues, is there to advise you and move you through your degree plan to graduation as quickly and efficiently as possible. To get the advisor hold removed from your account, contact the CEET department to set an advisor appointment, and get advised. The advisor will remove the hold.

When are Texas Tech scholarship applications due?
Texas Tech scholarship applications are due by Feb. 1 for scholarships to be awarded during the following academic year (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31), except for students transferring from another college to Texas Tech. Transfer scholarship applications are due on March 1 preceding the academic year of award. Note that deadline for external scholarships (those not awarded by Texas Tech, but by an external organization) vary widely but typically are earlier than the Texas Tech deadlines.

What catalog do I use for graduation purposes?
You have two options when choosing which catalog to graduate under. First, you can choose the catalog that is in force at the time you set your major as one offered by the CEET department. Second, you can choose to graduate under the catalog that is in force at the time you graduate. Say you changed your major to ConE in the spring of 2010 and plan to graduate in December of 2014. You could choose the catalog requirements of either the 2009-2010 or the 2014-2015 academic catalogs. You identify the catalog of choice when you submit your “Intent to Graduate” form. Remember when you choose your graduation catalog that you must meet all of the degree requirements of that catalog. So choose your catalog carefully. NOTE: The catalog chosen should be within seven years of your actual graduation date.

What is an “Intent to Graduate” form and when do I file it?
An “Intent to Graduate” form is just that. You are notifying the CEET department that you think you are getting close to graduation by completing all of the degree requirements listed in your catalog. Go by the CEET office 18 months prior to you expected graduation date, obtain an Intent to Graduate form, fill it out, and give it back to the secretary. The department will identify the degree requirements in the chosen catalog and compare that to which courses you have successfully passed with a grade of “C” or higher (as is required by the Whitacre College of Engineering for all degree coursework). A list of all required courses that you have not completed will be provided you and will be used to track the remaining courses needed for graduation. This process is in place to prevent the possibility of being in the middle of what you thought was your last semester when someone finds a missing required course, causing you to not graduate at the end of the current semester but requiring you to attend one or more semesters to complete your coursework and graduate.