Installing Citrix Receiver


  • Access to the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab has been simplified through the IT Division's secure remote access gateway.
  • has information on downloading and configuring the Citrix Receiver for your preferred operating system.
  • Select your operating system and follow the instructions.
  • If you have trouble installing the Citrix Receiver application, please contact or call 806.742.3453 and we'll be happy to assist you.

To Use the Software

  1. Start the Citrix Receiver.
  2. Log in with your eRaider username and password.
  3. Your personalized store will appear.
  4. Click on the "All Applications" link and find the list the of Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab workstations.
  5. Click on the workstations that you want to use and they'll be moved to your store. These will be available from the home screen the next time you start the Citrix Receiver.
  6. Click the name of the workstation you want to launch.
    • If you get an error connecting to the desktop, please try clicking the name of the workstation again. The system will smartly connect you to the next available workstation. If you continue to get the error, please contact with the workstation name you are trying to connect to and any error code you receive.
  7. The virtual workstation will launch.
    • You can have only one instance of each category workstation running at one time.


  • DO NOT SAVE DATA TO THE VIRTUAL WORKSTATION documents or desktop. You will lose data without notice between sessions. Save data to your local machine or a flash drive.
  • START ONLY ONE INSTANCE of each category workstation at a time. You will find an unresponsive black screen when you log on the next time.
  • BE SURE TO LOG OFF each session. Do not use the "Disconnect" option or simply close the screen. Either action can cause the black screen crash.

Additional Notes

  • The virtual workstation will work like any other Windows computer you are accustomed to using.
  • You wll see the start menu and a desktop with some shortcut icons.
  • The Citrix Receiver will connect your local drives on your personal computer to the virtual workstation.
  • You can save your data back to your local hard drive or to your USB drive.
  • Your Raider Drive should be mapped and available when you log into the virtual workstation.
  • You can launch multiple categories at one time if necessary. (For example, you can launch the Engineering and Computer Science workstations together, but not two of the Engineering workstations.)
  • DO NOT SAVE DATA TO THE VIRTUAL WORKSTATION DOCUMENTS OR DESKTOP. You will lose data when the server reboots or you change servers.


  • At this time, printing is not available from the virtual workstation, but it is coming soon.
  • We are creating an application that will allow you to print to the lab printers for the normal lab printing charges.
  • You can print your work to CutePDF for FREE on all of the virtual workstations.
    • Print using the CutePDF printer.
    • Save that PDF to a local drive.
    • Print the PDF on a printer.


If you have any issues, need software added to the virtual workstations, or need applications installed to existing workstation to complement the existing software, please contact, or give us a call at 806.742.3453.