Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab

The Whitacre College of Engineering is empowering the on-the-go lifestyles of its student population by providing the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab through its Cloud Computing Initiative. Students can use their favorite PC, Mac, thin client, smartphone and tablet platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, to access the Remote Lab from anywhere they have a high speed internet connection. Software included in the Remote Lab is listed below. If you do not see the application listed, it is not available in the Remote Lab.

Preparing Your System for Use with the New Remote Lab

Connecting to the Remote Lab

The Remote Lab can be accessed by going to https://citrixsf.ttu.edu/citrix/ttuweb and logging in with your eRaider username and password.

Available Software

Available applications will run directly on your device without the need of installation.

  • Ansys 16.1
  • Aspen HYSYS V8.6
  • AutoCAD 2015
  • Autodesk 2015
  • CMG
  • DipTrace
  • EagleCAD
  • Eclipse for C++ and Java
  • LabVIEW 2014
  • MathCAD Prime 3.1
  • Matlab 2014
  • Microstation V8i
  • Olga 2014
  • Petra
  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.4
  • RISA-3D
  • Sage 300 Estimating Extended V13
  • Sandia MEMS Design Tools
  • Schlumberger Eclipse Reservoir Simulator 2014
  • Schlumberger Petrel 2014
  • SolidWorks 2014
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Wellflo
  • Wolfram Mathematica 10.2

Important Note

We do not host software freely available to students on Citrix. This includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and 7-zip.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with signing into the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab.

Be sure that you have logged in with your Texas Tech eRaider account. Click the plus sign on the left hand side of the homepage screen, then click "All Apps" and select your desired applications. If you do not see any applications listed or if you receive an error that an application is not available, sign out from the Citrix Receiver and then sign back in. If the problem persists, please email support.coe@ttu.edu or call 806.742.3453 to report the problem.

I saved some files on the workstation I was logged into, can you recover it for me?

The Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab environment randomly assigns sessions to new logins. This means that every time you login into Citrix, you might be assigned a session on a different server. It is very important that you save your data to your personal computer, flash drive, or to your Texas Tech RaiderDrive, as data saved any other way will be impossible to recover. Engineering Computing Services will not be responsible for any data loss.

How can I print from Citrix?

The new Citrix environment forwards installed printers from the user's local system to the virtual application. This will only work if the user has printers installed on their local system. Additionally, users can also print to PDF if they have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI or similar software installed.

Requests For New Software In The Citrix Environment

Download a Copy of Our New Software Request Policy

Once you have become familiar with the details of the New Software Request Policy, please contact Engineering Computing Services (COE Support) with the information outlined in the policy by sending an email to support.coe@ttu.edu. We'll review the request and get in touch with you to discuss the request.

Reserved Maintenance Window

The WCOE IT Department conducts routine maintenance and updates on the Citrix environment every Sunday morning, from 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. During this time period, the system may be intermittently unavailable/inaccessible. If you experience problems with Citrix outside this maintenance period, please contact Engineering IT Support at support.coe@ttu.edu or call 806.742.3453.

Contact Support

If you have problems with using the Citrix environment, please contact us by sending your request to support.coe@ttu.edu, or by calling our main support line at 806.742.3453.