Texas Tech University

The Silver and Black Give Back Scholarship

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 22, 2018

Scholarship Amount: $15,000


Student Expectations

Applications are not considered complete without all supporting documents. For each nominee's application, please be sure the following items are included:

  1. Completed scholarship application form
  2. Student narrative
  3. Letter of nomination from the Dean
  4. Student's most recent transcript (electronic, scanned, and unofficial copies acceptable)
  5. Professional headshot (must be a high resolution, color photo saved as a JPG)


Student Expectations

To receive this scholarship, the student should:

  • exhibit entrepreneurial aspirations and demonstrates a propensity for leadership and entrepreneurial achievements
  • exhibit leadership traits in academic and campus activities
  • have outstanding moral character
  • have good academic credentials (3.0 or above preferred, with strong affinity for entrepreneurship)
  • be scheduled to take courses during during the 2018-19 academic year
  • be a U.S. Citizen, planning to pursue a career in Texas
  • be willing to personally complete the forms as requested
  • be able to attend the Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Induction Dinner
  • be willing to travel for interviews as needed
  • be a steward (if selected) of the TBHF Scholarship Program and maintain engagement through campus involvement, social media, attendance at area events, etc.
How to Apply
  1. Complete the TBHF Scholarship Application.
  2. Write a One Page Narrative answering the following: How have you demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and business leadership; what are your future goals; and why do you plan to pursue a career specifically in Texas?
  3. Take a high resolution, color professional headshot (JPG).
  4. Secure most recent transcript (an unoffical transcript is acceptable).
  5. Complete the Rawls TBHF Application Form.
  6. Email your completed TBHF application to the appropriate contact (see below):

    Silver and Black Give Back Scholarship - Susan Harkey

    McLane Company Scholarship - Free Market Institute

Please note:  The Dean will provide a letter of nomination if your application is selected.


Contact the Dean's Office.