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Texas Tech University has made it even easier for students to access and view or print 1098-T tax forms when they become available each year. Students that have accepted the Global Electronic Consent during registration or have completed the paper Electronic Consent form may access their 1098-T from the Raiderlink portal and completing the steps below.

  • Click on the TTU MyTech tab in Raiderlink
  • Click on the Student Business Services link in the Action Items box
  • Click on the 1098T - View and Print link
  • A new window will open your personal 1098-T page

Students that have not completed the Electronic Consent form will receive a paper copy of the 1098-T by mail. Student Business Services will mail 1098-T forms no later than January 31st to the permanent address that is on file in Raiderlink.

Students may access their tax year 2012 and older 1098-T forms at https://tra.vangent.com.

Texas Tech University cannot determine if you qualify for a tax credit or any allowable tuition and fees deduction. The financial data provided is to assist you in computing amounts that may be eligible for certain tax benefits. Students and parents should obtain IRS publication 970 Tax Benefits for Higher Education or contact their personal tax advisor for assistance. The IRS website for obtaining forms and publications is http://www.irs.gov or you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Please note Box 2 on the 1098-T form shows the total amounts BILLED for qualified tuition and related expenses for the reported tax year (total amount "BILLED" not payments received). If Box 7 on the 1098-T form is checked, the amount in Box 2 includes amounts for an academic period beginning in January – March of the following tax year and may not be eligible for a deduction. See Publication 970 for guidance on how to report these amounts.

Instructions for Forms 1098T (Includes definitions of each box)


Please contact Student Business Services if you have questions about your 1098-T form.

Send an email to tax.1098T@ttu.edu

Mail a request to:
P. O. Box 41099
ATTN: 1098-T

Tuition and Fee statements can be obtained from:

  • Student's MyTech Acct: Raiderlink
  • Student Business Services
  • eBill


Student Business Services