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Student Organization's Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for posting are outlined in detail in the TTU Student Affairs Handbook, Part VIII, Section E on Printed Materials.  Failure to follow the appropriate posting rules and regulations will result in the loss of posting privileges.  Repeated violations will result in the loss of registered student organization status.

Table Tents

Campus Posting Regulations

Use of Bulletin Boards

Posters, signs, and announcements may be displayed only on university announcement bulletin boards designated specifically for use by students and registered student organizations. The university announcement bulletin boards may be used only by students, registered student organizations, and university departments. Bulletin boards will be cleared periodically. A list of designated university announcement bulletin boards is maintained in the Center for Campus Life.

University Student Housing Posting Guidelines

All flyers/posters need to be dropped off at the Horn/Knapp Office, they will be reviewed and then distributed to Residence Life staff members to hand appropriately

Student Involvement Center Guidelines