Texas Tech University

Program Guidelines


  • Be a Davis College student in good standing with Texas Tech University;
  • Completed 30 hours of course work by the start of the internship; and
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 at time of interview and internship.

Application Process

  • Attend an information session;
  • Submit the online application by the published deadline (applications are accepted at least one semester prior to the internship period.);
  • Submit a current résumé and 3 letters of recommendation.

Applications are screened by faculty and donor committees through formal interviews. Criteria include written communication skills, leadership and personal skills, extracurricular activities, agricultural and natural resources background, GPA, oral communication skills, level of maturity, and understanding of the internship program.


  • Students accepting an internship will sign a commitment form, housing contract, and code of conduct;
  • Internships are set up for full semester or full summer sessions unless otherwise specified by the office and approved;
  • Attend all internship orientation sessions prior to the start of internship;
  • Register for internship credit hours through each departmental problems or internship course (still considered full-time student for University purposes);
  • Complete and submit a project as specified by departmental major for grade - a copy should be given to the Dean's office (if presentation, members of the Dean's office will attend); and
  • Assist with promotion of the program upon return from the internship.

Students will be required to serve their internships for the full term, coinciding with the first and last days of the session, unless otherwise specified by the office. If a student returns before the designated end of their internship, the appropriate pro-rated portion of the scholarship money must be paid to the Davis College.

Students will participate in an intern orientation program prior to their internship to discuss: protocol in Austin, Texas/Washington, D.C., internship guidelines and responsibilities, familiarity with Davis College initiatives and acquaintance with industries of scholarship donors.

Students must register for a minimum of six hours in absentia in a departmental problems course or internship course, but will be verified as a full-time student for University purposes.

Students will complete and submit a project as specified by the students' major departments for a grade. Copies of projects submitted to departments should be given to the Davis College Dean's Office. Any presentations made as a departmental requirement should be attended by members of the Davis College Dean's Office.

Upon return from the internship, students will be required to assist the with presentations to appropriate classes and student organizations to help inform other students about the internship program.

Scholarship Support

  • Students will receive a scholarship for their internship;
  • Housing costs will come out of the scholarship (DC interns);
  • Students are responsible for their own travel reservations and expenses;
  • Students are also responsible for paying tuition and fees by University deadlines;
  • Remaining scholarship will be refunded to the student.

State and congressional offices may elect to provide interns with additional compensation, but is not mandatory or considered when students are placed.

For more information about the Davis College Government Internship Program contact the Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center at (806)-742-2808 or Davis College.StudentSuccess@ttu.edu.