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CHEM 1101 General Chemistry Bridge Course

The General Chemistry Bridge Course is a short review/preparation course offered online during Intersessions between the Summer II and Fall semesters and between the Fall and Spring semesters. CHEM 1101 course description: "Review of high school chemistry and preview of college chemistry for students intending to take CHEM 1307. Recommended preparation for student success." Coursework is performed in a chemistry learning environment web site. At the start of the course you will receive instructions on how to make this purchase online.

For students with 15-20 questions correct (43-57%)

You have the option to take CHEM 1101 (General Chemistry Bridge Course) to permit enrollment in CHEM 1307, Principles of Chemistry I. Successful remediation in the General Chemistry Bridge Course is attained by passing the course homework and final Assessment Examination given at the end of the course. Success on the final Assessment Examination would allow for enrollment into CHEM 1307 for the upcoming semester.

For students with 21-35 questions correct (60-100%)

You are eligible to enroll in the General Chemistry Bridge Course CHEM 1101 as a mechanism for increasing your preparedness for CHEM 1307.

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