Texas Tech University

Mass Spec Policies

Users' Policies

  • Open access personnel can reserve instrument through the facility web page
  • Reserved schedule is fully adhered to at all time. Users who fail to show up and use the instrument during the reserved time will be temporarily placed on a black list for a week. If several incidents happen, users failing to show up can be placed permanently on the black list
  • Users have to complete their analysis before the end of their reserved time
  • Users can request an extension of their time if time slots are not allocated
  • Users must ensure clean benches prior to leaving the working area
  • Users are also expected to make sure that the instrument is properly functioning before departing the facility
  • Users should not attempt to fix problems associated with the instrument. Any malfunctioning instruments should be promptly reported to the manager of the facility
  • Users are expected to use their own columns, solvent, and any lab consumables

Publications and Authorship

Routing service analyses will not warrant authorship; however, the facility need to be acknowledged for the provided services.

Analyses that require method development or analysis that are different from the routine services offered by the facility warrant authorship of the person providing the needed assistant.

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