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For users of the X-ray facility, we kindly ask that the X-ray Facility be acknowledged when any data that is collected in the facility (e.g. diffractograms or single crystal structural information) is used in either a manuscript, thesis, dissertation, poster, or any other presentation form. In cases where a staff member of the facility was directly responsible for the collection and/or interpretation of data, we ask that either authorship or a direct acknowledgment be provided (see below). In instances where data were collected with little input from the facility staff, the facility only need be acknowledged. These acknowledgments are important and can be very beneficial to the facility when attempting to acquire funds for new instrumentation in the future. A copy of said acknowledgment would also be greatly appreciated to help keep our records up-to-date.

  • Facility Acknowledgment - All (single crystal or powder) diffraction data were collected in the Texas Tech University X-ray Diffraction Facility.

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