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Rigaku Ultima III PXRD

The Rigaku Ultima III is a powder diffractometer that incorporates various sample collecting and mounting methods. Along with collecting data either in Bragg-Brentano or Parallel beam geometries, we also have standard glass or zero-background holders. However, with highly capable glass and machine shops at our disposal here in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, we can readily fabricate specialty holders as well. We have a high temperature stage (up to 1500 °C) with either a platinum or ceramic pan that can be operated under vacuum, air, or inert environments. A capillary stage for analysis of air and moisture sensitive sample is also available. We also have a monochromator available for data collection of Mn, Fe and Co samples that normally wouldn't be possible due to fluorescence. This makes it an ideal instrument to assist in the characterization of a wide variety of materials. Data can be collected for clients, or trained users may collect their own data.

Ultima III

For more information or questions about training, please contact Dr. Serhii Vasylevskyi at  serhii.vasylevskyi@ttu.edu

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