Texas Tech University

Dr. Douglas H. Pool


Title: Senior Lecturer - Organic Lab Coordinator

Education: B.S., Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 1995
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 2003
Postdoc, Tulane University, 2007
Postdoc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2011

Office: Chemistry 223-A

Phone: 806-834-4461

Email: douglas.pool@ttu.edu


  • “Acidic Ionic Liquid/Water Solution as Both Medium and Proton Source for Electrocatalytic H2 Evolution by [Ni(P2N2)2]2+ Complexes.” Pool, D.; Stewart, M.; O'Hagan, M.; Shaw, W.; Roberts, J.; Bullock, R. M., DuBois D. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2012, 109, 15634-15639.
  • “[Ni(PPh2NAr2)2(NCMe)][BF4]2 as an Electrocatalyst for H2 production: PPh2NAr2 = 1,5-(di(4-(thiophene-3-yl)phenyl)-3,7-diphenyl-1,5-diaza-3,7-diphosphacyclooctane).” Pool, D.; DuBois, D. J. Organomet. Chem. 2009, 694, 2858-2865.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry