Texas Tech University

Jeremy T. Mason


Title: Senior Lecturer

Education: MS, Texas Tech University, 2005

Office: Chemistry 11A

Phone: 806-834-7521

Email: jeremy.t.mason@ttu.edu


  • "The interaction of 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa with thioredoxin", Kim, S.K.; Rahman, A.; Mason, J.T.; Hirasawa, M.; Migniniac-Maslow, M.; Keryer, E.; Knaff, D.B.; Leustek, T.  Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, submitted.
  • "Redox and site-directed mutagenesis studies of 5'-adenylylsulfate (APS) reductases", Kim, S.K.; Rahman, A.; Conover, R.C.; Johnson, M.K.; Mason, J.T.; Moore, M.L.; Knaff, D.B.; Leustek, T.  Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Photosynthesis 2005, 1, 905-906.
  • "Properties of the cysteine residues and iron-sulfur cluster of the assimilatory 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa", Kim, S.K.; Rahman, A.; Bick, J.-A.; Conover, R.C.; Johnson, M.K.; Mason, J.T.; Hirasawa, M.; Leustek, T.; Knaff, D.B.  Biochemistry 2004, 43, 13478-13486.
  • "The Effect of pH on the Oxidation-Reduction Properties of Thioredoxins", Setterdahl, A.T.; Chivers, P.T.; Hirasawa, M.; Lemaire, S.D.; Keryer, E.; Miginiac-Maslow, M.; Kim, S.K.; Mason, J.T.; Jacquot, J-P.; Longbine, C.C.; Lamotte-Guery, F.D.; Knaff, D.B.  Biochemistry 2003, 42, 14877-14884.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry