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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Hugh R. Fewin
Hugh R. Fewin

Hugh R. Fewin

Distinguished Engineer



Civil Engineering – 1957



At Time of Nomination in 1980

A native of Burkburnett, Texas, Hugh R. Fewin has made his career with Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, a firm he joined after graduating from Texas Tech University in 1957 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

With the exception of time used to serve with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and to earn the master’s degree at Texas Tech in 1962, Hugh Fewin has worked as a field engineer, design engineer, manufacturing engineer, cost estimator, field construction supervisor and project manager. In 1967, he was named manager of Operations Services in CBI’s corporate headquarters, and a year later became assistant construction manager for a five–state southwestern region. In 1971, professional advancement brought about his assignment as operations manager, including the Houston fabricating plant, construction services warehouse facilities in Texas and Louisiana, and the field construction of all CBI product lines in the southwestern region.

In 1974, Hugh Fewin was assigned to his present position, plant manager of CBI’s oldest, active fabricating plant in Greenville, Pennsylvania. This is a facility for the quality production of nuclear containment vessels, pressure vessels and research projects, such as the Tokamak Fusion Reactor currently being produced for the Plasma Physics Laboratory of Princeton University.

As an undergraduate Hugh Fewin was outstanding, playing varsity football three years, serving on the Student Council and becoming a distinguished military student. He continues his active interest in civic responsibilities and athletics along with his professional obligations. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Hawaii, California, Utah, Illinois and Kansas.

It is with great pride that Texas Tech University recognizes his outstanding achievements and designates Hugh R. Fewin: DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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