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Distinguished Engineer Photo: L. Homer Moeller
L. Homer Moeller

L. Homer Moeller

Distinguished Engineer



Industrial Engineering – 1962



At Time of Nomination in 1989

L. Homer Moeller received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University in 1962.

Since 1987, Moeller has been Senior Vice President of Operations at Sara Lee Knit Products in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is responsible for manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica with more than 14,000 employees in 41 locations.

In management, Moeller has earned a name for "an extraordinary ability to harness management, labor and new technology into practices that dramatically improve productivity problems," according to The New York Times.

The 49–year–old Waco, Texas native has a zest for change and was responsible in 1985 for the modernization and automation of Flectrolux Corporation’s vacuum cleaner factory, a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation in Bristol, Virginia.

Moeller came to Electrolux from General Electric after overseeing G.E.’s four–year, $40 million overhaul of its Louisville, Kentucky, dishwasher factory. The project increased G.E’s market share and profits, making it one of the country’s best known automation success stories.

In 1984, Fortune Magazine rated GE’s Louisville, Kentucky dishwasher plant as one of the top 10 best managed factories in America.

Moeller has also found time to serve his community. In 1968, he received the Outstanding Jaycee award in Kentucky, and from 1982–84, he helped to form the first Ronald McDonald House in Kentucky. Homer was instrumental in raising $1.8 million in cash and in–kind contributions in less than two years for the project.

Texas Tech recognizes these achievements, and with pride, designates L. Homer Moeller: DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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