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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Lynn H. Elliott
Lynn H. Elliott

Lynn H. Elliott

Distinguished Engineer



Electrical Engineering – 1958



At Time of Nomination in 1979

Although born in Kansas City, Missouri, Lynn Hamilton Elliott has celled Texas home for all but just a few months of his life. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech in 1958.

Following graduation, he was employed by Texas Instruments as a product engineer. In 1964, with six years of sound, practical industrial experience behind him, he joined the ElM Company of Houston, a firm specializing in hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical value actuators.

His industrial career has been a multifaceted one involving seven different companies, culminating in officer positions and/or directorships. He currently is the chairman of the board and president of the ElM Company of Houston; vice president and director of ElM Controls, Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; chairman of the board of All–Plastics Molding, Inc., of Dallas; executive vice president and director of the Lynn Elliott Co. of Missouri City, Texas; vice president and director of Nelson–Gulf Coast Company of Houston; vice president and director of MOV Company of Houston; and vice president and director of Pike Road Investors of Missouri City, Texas.

While busily engaged in the operation of these companies, he has made time for involvement in civic and professional activities, which include memberships in the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas Chamber, the Value Manufacturers Association, the American Water Works Association, the Canadian Standards Association, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and an active member of the Engineers’ Clubs of Dallas and Houston.

An outstanding athlete during his college days, Lynn has continued this interest by active participation in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and is on the Board of Trustees of the Criswell Bible Institute and its media outlet, Radio Station KCBI of Dallas.

Many stories, too numerous to enumerate, have been told about his dogged determination and super salesmanship in pursuing navy contracts and in proving the worth of the products manufactured by his companies. He has a voracious appetite, and loves good food, enjoys rich desserts and, consequently, is a perennial dieter, Mystery still surrounds the ultimate disposition of a banana pie delivered to his room one afternoon during a convention of value manufacturers.

The reputation of the College of Engineering has gained immeasurably through the influence he has exerted on industry and society. Texas Tech is proud to confer on Lynn H. Elliott the designation: DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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